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Give to the College

What does an old, three-legged milking stool and higher education have in common?  Actually, quite a bit.  The milking stool needs three legs to keep from tipping over, while public education institutions rely on three financial legs to keep afloat.  One leg is state appropriations (which are declining); one leg is tuition and fees (a true student burden); and the last leg is private support.  All three legs are needed.

Alumni, friends and business partners of the College of Applied Sciences and Arts contributed more than $700,000 in cash, equipment and services to the College during fiscal year 2012, which ended June 30, 2012. Endowment earnings from earlier gifts provided an additional $93,000. These gifts underwrite scholarships, student service programs and faculty support projects.

The technical education programs within the College are nationally recognized, and the large number of employers who recruit our graduating seniors on a regular basis demonstrate this. Each gift is a vote of confidence in the College’s work! Thank you for your continued support. 

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