Give Kids a Smile Day

Southern Illinois University



Give Kids a Smile Day

February 19, 2016

Around 160 kids received free dental care Friday, February 19, 2016, during Give Kids a Smile Day. For many years the School of Allied Health's Dental Hygiene program has been participating in this event and Give Adults a Smile Day events partnering with the Southern Illinois Dental Society and the Southern Illinois Dental Hygiene Society. About 90 SIU students took part in Friday's event.


CASA Dental Hygiene students Kallie Victor, Senior; Kiersten Hosfield, Junior; and Norine Blackstead, Junior were a few of the talented students who made the day a success!


It is through caring faculty, such as Jennifer Sherry of the Dental Hygiene program, that CASA continues to grow in enrollment, retention, and college to career success stories.


Kate Baba, a Carbondale Middle School teacher, brought a group of 10 students to the Give a Kid a Smile Day. The CASA Dental Hygiene team of faculty, staff, and students, such as those pictured, including Amy Stacey, CDC Clinic Manager; Carolyn Harmon, Dental Clerk; Jordan O’Donnell, Senior; Jilissa Payne, Senior; and Jill Pratt, Senior, provided fantastic service to all. Congratulations!


CASA Dental Hygiene students Quinshawnte Washington, Sophomore, and Rodjzae Finches-Heard, Sophomore, provided a friendly welcome to all children and families who visited!