CASA Operating Paper - The Associate Dean | Applied Sciences and Arts

Southern Illinois University



The Associate Dean

  1. Role and Selection
    • If at any time the position of the Associate Dean becomes vacant, the Dean, after consulting with the Administrative Staff and Faculty of the College, shall appoint as Interim Associate Dean a tenured Associate or Full Professor in the College. The Interim Associate Dean will assume all the duties of the Associate Dean until a new Associate Dean is selected and appointed. The process to select a permanent Associate Dean, as described below, will commence as quickly as possible.
    • The Associate Dean shall serve at the discretion of the Dean. Candidates shall be interviewed by the Faculty and recommendations given to the Dean for review. The Associate Dean shall have a written job description prepared by the Dean and available for inspection by the faculty. All such descriptions shall stipulate effective dates.
  2. Evaluation
    • The evaluation of the Associate Dean will be conducted triennially by the Dean.