CASA Operating Paper The Dean | Applied Sciences and Arts | SIU

Southern Illinois University



The Dean

  1.  Role
    1. The Dean, as chief administrative officer of the College, is responsible for the budget and providing academic leadership for the College. The Dean is appointed by the Board of Trustees and is responsible to the Provost and Vice Chancellor for the administration of University policy within the College.
    2. The Dean shall be responsive to the needs of the students, faculty and staff of the College and represent their interests to the Provost and Vice Chancellor.
    3. If at any time the position of the Dean becomes vacant, the Provost and Vice Chancellor, after consulting with the Administrative Staff and Faculty of the College, shall appoint as Interim Dean a tenured Associate or Full Professor in the College. The Interim Dean will assume all of the duties of the Dean until a new Dean is selected and appointed. The process to select a permanent Dean, as described below, will commence as quickly as possible.
  2. Selection and Appointment
    1. When a vacancy in the Deanship occurs, a search and screening committee will be established by the Provost and Vice Chancellor. The committee representation from the College shall be composed of one elected non-administrative tenured Faculty member from each of the College's Schools, one elected representative from term faculty and one student, one elected representative from Civil Service, one elected representative from the Administrative/Professional Staff and one elected School Director. The Provost and Vice Chancellor shall appoint non-college members to the committee. The committee shall elect its own chair and identify in consultation with the Provost and Vice Chancellor its own procedures for conducting business.
    2. The Provost and Vice Chancellor will be responsible for assuring that the University Affirmative Action policy is followed.
    3. The search and screening committee shall submit its recommendations to the faculty and the Provost and Vice Chancellor and represent the interests of the College throughout the selection and appointment process until the new Dean=s appointment is ratified by the Board of Trustees.
  3. Evaluation/Review
    1. To ensure that the Dean retains the confidence of the College, the Dean's performance shall be evaluated/reviewed following the process outlined in The Collective Bargaining Agreement between the Board of Trustees of Southern Illinois University and the SIUC Faculty Association, IEA/NEA. 
    2. Results will be forwarded to the Provost and Vice Chancellor. The Provost and Vice Chancellor and the review committee charged by the Provost will then report the complete results to the faculty and other college personnel.
  4. Responsibilities
    1. Th3/4/10e highest quality of teaching, research, creative activity, service, and other aspects of the academic mission of the College.
    2. The Dean is responsible for calling meetings of the faculty as specified in Section VI.B.1 of this operating paper.
    3. The Dean or Associate Dean will preside as chair at all meetings of the administrative staff.
    4. The Dean shall designate the Associate Dean to assume administrative responsibilities during the Dean's absence.