CASA Operating Paper - Definitions | Applied Sciences and Arts | SIU

Southern Illinois University




  1. The College of Applied Sciences and Arts (hereinafter called College) includes the academic and administrative units under the Dean of the College. 
  2. A School is an organizational/administrative unit within the College. The four Schools in the College are: Architecture, Allied Health, Information Systems and Applied Technologies, and Transportation. 
  3. The College of Applied Sciences and Arts’ administrative staff is composed of all academic School Directors and the Associate Dean. The College’s Support Staff is comprised of the Constituent Development Officer, Off-Campus Academic Programs (OCAP) Director, the Chief Academic Advisor, and the Business Manager. The Support Staff do not vote on academic matters. This body is established to assist the Dean in providing academic and administrative support to the College. 
  4. The term Faculty refers to full-time tenured and tenure-track faculty within the College; the term faculty refers to all full-time and part-time term, clinical or continuing appointment faculty members within the College.
  5. Administrative/Professional (A/P) staff within the College provide essential academic and administrative support functions.
  6. Civil Service workers within the College provide necessary clerical and office system support to faculty and/or administrative professional staff.
  7. A student of the College (hereinafter called student) is a student formally admitted to the University and enrolled in the College.
  8. The senior Faculty senator is the current Faculty senator who has served in the Faculty senate for the longest time. In the event of a tie, the Faculty senator who has been tenured for the longest time will serve as the senior Faculty senator.