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Dean's Letter

December 13, 2013

Dear Members of CASA Community,

Dean Andy Ju An WangIt is with great pleasure that I invite you to examine the CASA Strategic Plan. In September 2012, we formally launched the strategic planning process. The leadership team and the Strategic Planning Committee, as well as various other constituencies of the College, have been collectively looking ahead to map out how our College can best address the opportunities and challenges we face, how we can carry out our mission of academic excellence, and how we can help our students succeed. After fifteen months, the CASA Strategic Plan is now ready for your review.

In this plan you will find our ambitious goals to secure our future as a distinctive College of Applied Sciences and Arts, dedicated to our collective vision and mission. Our College will be recognized for extraordinary educational programs, research that builds on industry collaboration, economic development activity, and service to the people of Illinois and beyond. We will create and implement outstanding academic programs, conduct high impact research, and creative activity that serves the professions and the community.

In this strategic plan, we commit our energies to six goals, with a number of strategies to meet those goals and objectives. These goals will ensure that College of Applied Sciences and Arts continues to distinguish itself from its peers. The new plan has ten immediate action items built around academic excellence, student enrichment, new initiatives, and new programs. This is a new pathway toward a more challenging and exciting academic environment for all students.

The mission, vision, founding proposition, and core values of the University and the College served as a guide in the development of this strategic plan. In fact, the six goals in this plan directly reflect those goals expressed in the SIU Strategic Plan 2013. As you know, the last few years have been challenging in budget and hiring, but the College enrollment in the Fall 2013 had a 3.1% increase compared to that of Fall 2012, and the retention rate in our College remains one of the best on campus.

As the Strategic Plan focuses on the attainment of long-term goals, we continue to maintain our high quality of teaching, research, and service. As we look ahead to the bright future of our College, I am thankful for, and humbled by, the strong foundation on which we have to build.

Thank you for your consideration and involvement. If you have any further questions, comments or suggestions, please email

Andy Wang, Ph.D.

Dean and Professor