CASA Operating Paper - School Director |Applied Sciences and Arts

Southern Illinois University



School Director

  1. Role
    1. The Director is the chief academic, fiscal, and administrative officer for a School. The Director is responsible to the Dean and to the School faculty. The Director must be responsive to the needs of the students and the faculty of the School, which includes representing their interests to the Dean.
    2. As a member of the faculty of a School, the Director has the responsibility and authority to provide the necessary leadership for the School to achieve the highest level of excellence possible in the areas of teaching, creative activity/research, and service.
    3. The Director will determine School administrative support staff needs and negotiate such with the Dean.
  2. Selection and Appointment
    1. In the event that the Director=s position becomes vacant, the Dean shall meet with the School Faculty and determine whether an internal or external search for a Director will be conducted. The Dean will then make a recommendation to the Provost who will determine the nature of the search. The search shall be conducted according to the procedures outlined in the School=s operating paper.
    2. The search committee is organized by the Dean and shall elect its own Chair, identify its procedures, and conduct business under current University guidelines. At a minimum, the Committee will be comprised of at least three elected Faculty, one Civil Service staff member, one administrative professional, and one student of the School. The Dean will also appoint one College or University administrator to serve on the Committee.
    3. This committee will make a recommendation to the Dean. In no case will the Dean appoint a Director without the majority vote of the Faculty who vote.
    4. This committee shall not be discharged until the appointment of a new School Director has been ratified by the Board of Trustees.
  3. Evaluation
    1. The Director's performance will be evaluated triennially in accordance with procedures in the School's operating paper.
    2. Whenever the Dean completes an evaluation of the Director (for reappointment, salary adjustment, etc) the Dean shall seek formal input on the Director=s performance from the faculty, staff and students. The complete results of the faculty, staff and students input shall be reported to the Director and the School’s Faculty.