CASA Operating Paper - Administrative and Support Staff

Southern Illinois University



Administrative and Support Staff

  1. Composition 
    1. The administrative staff shall consist of the Associate Dean and the School Directors. The College Support Staff is comprised of the Constituent Development Officer, Off-Campus Academic Programs (OCAP) Director, the Chief Academic Advisor and the Business Manager.
    2. Individual faculty members are encouraged to attend the open forum of the administrative staff meeting to present specific items or to provide input and/or comments upon invitation by the Dean or by the request of individual faculty.
  2. B. Role 
    1. The administrative staff shall serve as the administrative body of the College who assists the Dean in governance of the College.
    2. The administrative staff may review and recommend academic and administrative policies to the Dean.
  3. C. Chair
    1. The Chair of the administrative staff shall be the Dean.
    2. The Dean may request that the Associate Dean serve as Chair during the Dean's absence.
  4. D. Responsibilities 
    1. The administrative staff may initiate and review policies in regard to academic, administrative, fiscal, and other appropriate College matters.
    2. The administrative staff will meet regularly with the Dean to discuss college matters.
  5. E. Administrative Staff Meetings
    1. Agenda
      1. The Dean shall prepare the agenda for the administrative staff meetings. Support staff attend administrative staff meetings but do not vote on academic matters.
      2. Any Faculty may request the Dean to place an item on the agenda.
      3. All items to be added to the agenda should be submitted to the Dean at least 24 hours prior to the meeting.
      4. All Faculty are invited to an open forum which will be the first 15 minutes of each regularly scheduled administrative staff meeting.
    2. Minutes
      1. Minutes of all administrative staff meetings shall be taken and circulated in an expeditious manner.
      2. Minutes of all administrative staff meetings shall be on file in the Dean's office and distributed to School offices to be available for review by faculty and staff.